12.30.2013 Homemade Italian Sausage in under 2 minutes (not really)

So, this is my first venture into homemade sausage.   I’ve had an 8lb  pork butt in my freezer since the summer, and needed something to do with it.  Armed with only my Kitchenaid, grinder, and sausage attachment (and hours of youtube video research, and recipe websites.)  There are a ton of recipes on the net, but this was my favorite.    I know, top of the line web design, right?  I think that is what added to the charm of the recipe.   I made both the hot and sweet.

I ground the pork the night before.  Once through the larger die.  Then I added my spices, and then once again through the smaller die.   This really destroyed my kitchen, so I figured I would put them in the casings the next day.  I cooked up a little piece to taste, and I liked it.  But I knew it was missing something, but I bagged the meat and put them in the fridge.

Of course, the next day, I realized I forgot the cheese.  So I added a little water to the meat, and worked the cheese in.  I soaked my casings (which smell horrible), and washed the insides.  It was time to stuff.  I’ve heard that the stuffer for the Kitchen-aid wasn’t that good.  Of course, I have never used a dedicated stuffer, so I had nothing to compare it to.  If I had the room, I would definitely get dedicated grinders and stuffer, but right now I’ll have to settle with the Kitchenaid.  

Turned out pretty well

Turned out pretty well

I did run into some issues, since I added liquid, the meat was more like a paste, and I kept getting some weird suction and air pockets in the kitchen aid. This made things even messier.  I kept having to poke holes in the casings to let the air out and really jam the meat in the grinder.  It took a long time to stuff, but even longer to clean up afterwards, oh well.  After I tied the last link up, I wrapped them, and put them right into the freezer.  

I did make one small link to test, and it was very good.   All in all I was happy with the way they looked and tasted.  A week later I brought some over to my mothers house, and she seared them, and cooked them in a tomato sauce. They tasted even better with sauce and pasta. My next sausage will be something I can throw on the smoker. Maybe a Texas hot link or chorizo, but it won’t be for a while.


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