7.27.13 Vermont Maple Ribs

Meal:  Vermont Maple Ribs

Beer: Sam Adams Summer Ale

This past Saturday, I smoked some Vermont Maple Ribs. I found this recipe on Amazingribs.com Which is always my go-to Barbecue resource. There really isn’t too much to say, that I haven’t covered in other rib entries, and that is not covered in the recipe, so i won’t go into too much detail.

Real maple syrup

Real maple syrup

I have always loved maple syrup. Pancakes, waffles or bacon, I always drown them in syrup. Since the recipe specifically calls for the good stuff, I had to oblige. Sorry Mrs. Butterworth.  My wallet didn’t love it either.

All rubbed and ready to go

All rubbed and ready to go

I had a rack of loin and a rack of spares in the freezer. So I chose to maple the loins, and BBQ sauce the spares.   I can’t stand to have room on the smoker, so even though it was just the 2 of us, I had to throw them both on.  Mmmm, leftovers.  Here I just rubbed it with some of the McCoy’s rub I had lleft from the pulled pork. Nothing fancy, just a pretty standard pork rub.  I let them sit overnight.

I can't believe how wrong the built in thermometer is.

I can’t believe how wrong the built in thermometer is.

Into the smoker they went. Well the spares went in first, since I wanted them to finish around the same time. I filled the chamber 3/4 full. This would only be a 5 hour or so cook, I figured I wouldn’t jam up the chamber. I guess I should have, since it was running a bit cold towards the end, and couldn’t properly caramelize the sauces. You live and you learn, I guess.  I kept the smoker between 225 – 250 degrees.   After an hour and a half, I put on the loin backs.

Adding a bit of apple juice into the pan.

Adding a bit of apple juice into the pan.

Just as the recipe called for, I wrapped the ribs with some apple juice. I put some honey on the spares, and got them back on the smoker. I used a pan, so I could more easily save the juices for the maple glaze.


The temps stayed pretty steady, but not as steady as I expected. I still find myself having to shuffle the coals around to get the ashes off. I’d prefer not to do this, because the ashes fly everywhere, but I gotta do what I gotta do. Maybe since the smoker is still relatively new and hasn’t built up a good season.

Just a light coat, and then let it carmalize.

Just a light coat, and then let it carmalize.

When they were about done, I prepared the glaze as directed. I glazed the loin backs, and sauced the spares. I couldn’t raise the temp, since I was down to my last coals. I painted them a few times. The ribs also seemed blacker than I preferred. I guess it was something in the rub, since they didn’t burn.

The Finished Product

The Finished Product

The finished product turned out good, but not great. They had good flavor, tenderness, and smoke. I’ve made better ribs, but I have also made worse. It wasn’t the recipes fault. Next time I would add a bit more syrup, and a bit less rub. They were saltier than usual.


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