04.27.13 The first smoke of the season


Cow Town all purpose rub.

Cow Town all purpose rub.

Barbecue season has begun!  With my first smoke of the season, I did two racks of ribs.  The night before I trimmed and rubbed down the ribs with some Kansas City Cow Town rub.  The rub was part of a wedding gift from my friend Christina, who gave us a BBQ sauce / rub of the month subscription.  I’ve had the months piling up during the winter, and I plan on using all of it by next winter.

After the rib rubdown, the meat went in the fridge overnight.  The next morning I put a pot of Amazingribs.com Kansas City sauce on the stove.  This is my favorite sauce to make.  A perfect blend of sweet and spice.  I also used some spicier homemade chili powder in the sauce, and also added some of the Cow Town BBQ rub I put on the meat into the mix.



I fired up the smoker at noon with some hickory and cherry wood.  This will hopefully be my last smoke on the Old Brinkman.  I’ve decided to step up my game and invest in a WSM.  The Brinkman treated me well these past couple of years, as I started smoking.   I made several modifications to it, adding a thermometer, a damper on the top, and altering it so I can use my Smokey Joe underneath to get better airflow. This baby has seen it all, and it is time to retire her.


It took a little while to get the temps steady, and I think the thermometer I installed last year is dead.  So the temperatures seemed to be a bit all over the place.  It took me an hour to get the meat on because of this.  I was constantly fiddling with it, and adding / removing coals to get the temps right.  I was really worried that the ribs would suffer.  The constant tinkering to get steady temperatures is something I won’t miss.

Butternuts beer & ale sampler pack.

Beer of the afternoon: Butternuts beer & ale sampler pack.

This was the first time I wrapped the ribs.  I added some brown sugar, honey, and apple juice to the foil, and wrapped them in a modified 3-2-1 cook.  I can’t say I tasted much of a difference, and I am not sure it is worth the effort.

all sauced up

After letting them sit on the grill wrapped for a bit, I moved them indoors to the oven.  I don’t usually do this, but I could not keep the temps steady.  I stuck a thermometer probe in the meat, which I don’t normally do for ribs, but I had no real idea how close to done these were.  They ended up being slightly overdone, but still delicious.  With all the trouble I had with the temperatures, I was really happy the way they turned out.

all done


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