2.9.13 Home Ground Cheeseburgers

 Fresh Ground BurgersMarisa and I got a meat grinder attachment for the Kitchen-aid from our wedding registry.   I couldn’t wait to use it,  and this was my chance.  A cold snowy day, the perfect opportunity to make some freshly ground burgers.  The secret is really simple, use the good stuff, and keep it simple.

Good meat, good cheese, and good rolls.  For the cheese, I went for some thick sliced Land O Lakes American from the deli counter.  The rolls, I went with Martin’s Potato Rolls, and now for the meat…

This was the first time I ground my own hamburger meat.  Just like any other time I do something for the first time, I do a ton of research.  The most valuable source for this was The Zen of Hamburgers, The Best Old-Fashioned Burger as well as The Fake Shack.  So after reading these, and many others, I knew I wanted a combination of:

    • 2 parts Chuck
    • 2 parts Brisket
    • 1 part Short Ribs*
*Only 1 gross looking $16 pack left in the case, so these got scratched. Stupid snow storm.
Chuck and Brisket

I wanted to make more meat than I would be cooking, so I could freeze some of it, and use in Chili, Bolognese, or burgers in the future.

I returned from the store with my meat.  I cut everything into 1 inch cubes, and put all the meat in the freezer for a half hour, so it wouldn’t fall apart.  I also put the pieces to the grinder in the freezer, like one article suggested.

Cut Into Chunks

I ran the meat through the grinder on the coarsest setting.   I ran it through the grinder, but carefully pulled out any weird pieces, or gristle.  The meat looked really bright red.  It looked way nicer than I have ever seen in prepackaged beef.  After this, the Kitchen was a mess, but It would all be worth it.

Ground Beef

I made my patties.  I tried my best to avoid handling them too much so they don’t tighten up.  So I gently formed the patties, so when they cook, the juices stay inside the patty, instead of onto the pan.  I didn’t season the meat at all, I wanted a classic burger.  I wanted to taste the fresh beef instead of seasonings.

The Patties

it’s cooking time!  I pulled out the cast-iron skillet, got it nice and hot.  I brushed peanut oil onto the skillet and plopped the patties down.  Cookin'

Cooked for 2 minutes, and flipped.  Topped with American cheese,  I put a pot cover over the burgers to melt the cheese.  I checked the temperature with my brand new Thermapen (OPEN BOX SALE).  The burgers were cooked a perfect medium-rare.  I let the burgers rest for a minute or two, before I put the burgers together.  While they rested, I warmed up the buns in the oven, with a little butter.  Everything is better with butter.

Final Product

These bad boys are done!  I added pickles, a slice of tomato, and some ketchup, and it was time to eat.   Oh yeah, I made homemade french fries too.  Next time, I will make Bacon cheese burgers, and cook the bacon first, then cook the burgers on some of the bacon grease


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