6.9.12 Big Apple Barbecue Block Party


Big Bob Gibson’s Pork Shoulder

8 Time World Champion

Decatur, Alabama

This was my first priority.  I have heard about it for a long time.  We arrived over a half hour early, and yet this was the only line in the park.  I guess everyone else got the memo as well, but once the lines opened up, the wait went quick.  By that time the line was so far down behind us, that I am not sure everyone waiting would get some.  It was everything I had hoped for.  I am just glad I didn’t have to go to Decatur to get it.

 Jack’s Old South Beef Brisket

The Winningest Man in Barbecue

Unadilla, Georgia

This was the only other item, we knew we had to get.  Luckily this was pretty close to Big Bob’s.  I waited on one line, while Marisa waited on the other.  Once again, I heard a lot about the Brisket, and had watched Myron on TV plenty of times.  It was weird that it was served shredded, but it was great

Checkered Pig St. Louis Style Ribs

Danville, Virginia

We knew we had to have ribs.  Our only criteria was anything not from NY, as we could get that at any time.  Somewhere close to the other two pits, was the Checkered Pig.  I never heard of it. but it was close and the line was short(maybe because Virginia is not one of the main BBQ hubs.  It was tasty, and that was all that mattered to us.


Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint’s  Whole Hog

Nashville, Tennessee

We were unsure if we wanted to eat anything else.  We weren’t full, but starving either.  The Ed Mitchell Whole Hog line would be at least an hour.  We stumbled onto this Whole Hog, again without a line.  Just as everything else we ate, it was really good.  If I ever find myself in Nashville again, I may stop by.

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3 thoughts on “6.9.12 Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

  1. Looks awesome. How do you feel about the coleslaw? I’m kind of purist with meat, I usually opt out, but my southern friends say it makes the sandwich.

    Also, you’re making me curious about pulled brisket, I never heard of that either.

    • When i made pulled pork, Marisa had made coleslaw for it, and it was great. Perfectly complements the pork. As for the shredded brisket, my guess would be that it was overdone, and so they shredded it.

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