6.2.12 The Triumphant Finale

Smoking the Ribs for 5 hours at 225 degrees. Proudly wearing my grilling hat and Saltlick shirt

The first major BBQ of the season.  I made some sausage, skewered hot wings, smoked ribs with homemade BBQ sauce(recipe courtesy of amazingribs.com.) and of course hamburgers and hotdogs.

The Smoker got fired up 2 hours before anyone was set to arrive, and the ribs went on an hour after that.  I got the ribs straight from the butcher, trimmed to St. Louis cut, and the membrane already removed.  Rinsed and rubbed them a full day before with a BBQ rub a bought while in Texas.  The ribs were ready to go on once I got the temperature of the smoker stabilized between 225 and 250 degrees.

While the ribs smoked, I made some balls of hot sausage with jalapeno’s inside, an altered version of armadillo eggs. Next went the hot wings.  I skewered them so they had more surface area to cook.  I put my special spicy chicken rub on them the night before.  They cooked on the grill, and tossed them in a pan and added my hot sauce, and let them soak for a minute or two, everyone was pretty hungry at this point, and they went quickly.  There were no leftovers.  While these guys were cooking on the electric grill, I had coals burning in the chimney for some standard burgers and dogs.

In between all the other cooking I was periodically checking the temperature, replenishing coals, and refilling the water pan on the smoker.  After the 5 hour mark both racks passed the bend test and were ready to come off, be sauced, and put on the electric grill to char the sauce a bit.

The homemade BBQ sauce (also from amazingribs.com,) has ruined me for all store-bought BBQ Sauces, sweet tangy with a bit of spice, perfect for these ribs.  The results were my best ribs to date, and I can’t wait to cook them up again.  The leftovers were just as good as the day before.

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